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Floi update 1: Fri night / Sat morning


Friday 9th March 2012: late afternoon

40-odd outdoor arts experts gather at the Lanternhouse, Ulverstone and enjoy a lovely meal together.

Unckle Tacko presents his remarkable Flea Circus (2nd ever public try out)

Uncle Tacko's amazing Flea Circus

followed by some drinks and a chat...

Sat Morning 10th March:

Some great warm ups from Emma Norin

Emma Norin: Warm Ups

and &;Figurative Mime&; (actors playing the objects they need) with Mike Lister.

Mike Lister: Figurative Mime

Ending with a fun &;Haunted House&; scene.
Orit Azaz presenting her perspective on the impact of this work,

Orit Azaz: FLOI presentation

Now on: Garth Williams on what makes walkabout work

Garth Williams: What makes Walk about work?

Pete Gunson on introduction to 12v electrics

Pete Gunson: 12v electrics

Deborah Sanderson on Story Theatre as a starting point...

Deborah Sanderson: Story Theatre as a starting point

lunch is smelling good and some lovely cakes (for the love of cakes) awaiting....

Floi, For the Love Of It '12