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Practical suggestions from Floi '12

A collection of thoughts from the 'For the Love Of It Gathering' at the Lanternhouse, Ulverston March 2012

- Archive of stories about e.g. experiences with dogs, hecklers, breaking down on the way to a gig
- More informal events like this on a regular basis
- A database of local / regional specialists in sound, gadgets, inflatables, mechanics, welding etc, etc
- Doing the next one in Bristol Making it a week long. Have skill sharing like this one! and scratch work. FtLOI
- The Theatre Bristol / Desperate men "WHAT IF" model
- Workshops of different lengths eg 1 1/2 hr a.m. & 2 - 2 1/2 hr pm to accommodate the requirements of differing skills/discussions etc
- "Free speech is the right to shout Theatre! ion a crowded fire"
- This is like the best bits of Christmas
- How can we bring pressure to bear on funders to get more money in at grass roots level - to artists? Millions have been allocated to the Olympics and performers are being offered £50 to perform in central London!
    Say "No" to £50 gigs
- NASA asks Lanternhouse / ACE to GIVE the building to US (please)
- More convocations - more 'meetings' for creative exploration, including open space / free time, 'workshops' encompassing head, heart & hands, play and skill sharing
- More support for each other across NASA, use each other more
- More exploration or directors / process - use of / function / ideas
- More age + gender mixing up / separation within working context
- Archiving - anecdotes have equal value tp who, what, where, why, when. A kind of 21st century oral history of the sector
    Bristol Theatre collection / Bristol Uni
    HLF bid from NASA
- More space between sessions to have break-outs / fragmented / tangential talking
- Love the practical interspersed with discussions. More please!
- Head, Hearts + Hands (Affective / Behavioral / Kinesthetic)
- Street Arts wiki or NASA website having a technical section, 12v, mechanics etc, so we don't keep reinventing the wheel
    + where to get props, bits and pieces etc